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Our powerful European patent validation service.

New version — 3.4

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Prewiev of Passport European patent validation software showing the patent number input field.

Passport is a comprehensive European patent validation service powered by Pintz & Partners. It is an advanced yet easy–to–use software to provide you with instant, up to date quotes in all 38 EPC countries and a dedicated team of attorneys, patent professionals and agents ready to handle your post–granting requests. In addition to that, our data analysts and software engineers ensure that all of this happens fast and in a highly efficient way.

Instant Quotes.

Enter your patent number, select your countries and let the software calculate everything for you instantly. No phone calls, no emails, just the software giving you all the information you need 24/7, 365 days a year.

Prewiev of Passport European patent validation software showing the country selector where you can select countries to validate.

Add countries
You can add countries to your quote using the Country Selector button. Fees for the selected countries will be calculated instantly. Passport is able to give you quotes for all 38 EPC countries in a matter of milliseconds.


Remove countries
You can remove a country from your quote by clicking on it at any time you like. Fees for the remaining countries and the total amounts will be recalculated automatically.


Download your quote
With a simple click, you can easily download your entire quote and open it up in Excel. This file will contain all calculations for all countries that you have previously selected as well as the total amounts of your entire quote.



Introducing Fusion 1.0
Our most advanced engine. Ever.

Fusion 1.0 is our new industry leading core technology behind Passport. It is engineered to combine patent data from a huge number of sources regardless of size, formatting or publication type. Think of it as the brain of Passport that can process both application and publication numbers in multiple formats, can connect to international databases and can process and return relevant patent data to you in a standardized manner.

Application or Publication number?
Now you can use them both.

With our new Fusion technology, Passport can accept a wide variety of different number inputs. You can now use EPO application numbers as well as publication numbers in different formats to query patent data. Even if you mistype your patent number, the system will try to correct the number and guess the patent you were trying to retrieve.

No publication of grant yet?
No problem.

Fusion also enables Passport to intelligently search through and retrieve patent data from all available publications, including all EP-B, EP-A and WO-A documents. No matter if your patent has changed since it was granted or the grant is yet to be published, Passport can always provide patent metrics for you. This process is fully automated and seamlessly integrated into the system so much so that you probably won’t even notice.

EP 3 324 274







Advanced Cache
Blazing fast data handling.

Passport does not require the user to provide patent metrics manually—such as the number of pages, claims or words. Instead, all of these data are loaded from international databases right after you enter your patent number. This process happens automatically but might take too long or the data might be inaccurate or missing entirely. To overcome these issues, we have built our own database system that can prepare, store and load these data in the blink of an eye. This is Advanced Cache.

Prewiev of Passport European patent validation software showing the bibliographic patent data returned after entering a patent number.

Advanced, robust and fast.
And also human.

Whenever Passport can load patent data from our Advanced Cache instead of from international databases, the process is incomparably faster. But to build a reliable database like this takes a massive amount of continuous effort. Every week our data analysts meticulously sort through thousands of patent documents looking for more than 20 types of errors before processing and loading them into our Advanced Cache.

0.11 s (Loading data from Advanced Cache)

4.82 s (Loading EP data directly from international databases)

6.85 s (Loading WO data directly from international databases)

German engineering.
German quality.

Our Advanced Cache, just like our entire Passport system, is designed and built by the highest German engineering principles. This means, that high performance, precision and attention to detail are fundamental concepts that we incorporate into every system we develop. This makes our data handling fast, reliable and accurate.

Patent drawing showing a keyboard assembly.

High quality translation.
At your service. Every time.

To ensure the highest quality translations, we always work with local, native speaker professionals. In almost all countries the translations are prepared by patent attorneys with several years of experience in the required technical field. In addition to that, they provide extra proofreading that is included in our fees.





Translation requirements in each and every EPC country




Whenever you need it.

Passport is equipped with a built-in Help feature that can guide you through your tasks. Whenever you are stuck or have a question, just simply click on any label and Passport will show you the relevant information from its Help page.

Prewiev of Passport European patent validation software showing the Billing data submission form.
Prewiev of Passport European patent validation software showing the VAT information section on the Help page.


Even the best service is nothing without excellent clients. We are proud to work with some of the most outstanding companies in this industry. Thank you for your continued trust and commitment to our service.

"Passport is a great solution that allows me to quickly and easily obtain estimates for and instruct EP validations. It is particularly helpful when I need estimates instantly. The user interface is excellent too!"

Dan Berger
Halfords IP (Australia)

"We are using Passport for validation of our EP-Patents. The service is easy to use and cost effective. We didn't encounter any problems. Thank you very much."

Matthias Riepenhoff
Sonova AG (Switzerland)

“Our experience with your validation services was very positive. The services were rendered in a perfect manner and punctually.”

Jose Garrido
DA Singular Lawyers (Spain)

“We are very content with the services rendered by Pintz & Partners. You always get immediate feedback on enquiries or questions you have regarding the validation of a European patent."

Patronus IP
(HGF Europe LLP) (Germany)

Passport | Simple and transparent European patent validation

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